We offer expert alteration services to help you look your best for any occasion.  Don’t let those fabulous pair of slacks touch the floor any longer!



Who doesn’t love the sound of beating drums or the regal tunes of a bright and shiny trumpet.  Don’t dull the effect of an otherwise stellar performance with a dingy, wrinkled uniform.  It’s past time to “get your band on!”

And likewise, who deserves the finest things in life more than our service men and woman? Bring your military uniforms in and allow us to honor you for the enormous sacrifices you make.  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines…you deserve a special discount!



Comforters, spreads, shams, dust ruffles…let us help you relax better at night.  Don’t be afraid of what’s lurking deep within your threads. Go ahead, bundle up!



Don’t let another Spring go by with pollen hanging from the curtain rods. Why compromise fabulous décor when we can help you maintain it?


Dry Cleaning/Laundering

Your choice.  Either way you will leave with a smile on your face!



Barring the occasional revival service, look your Sunday best. From the choir loft to the congregation, no feelings of shame here!


Special Events

Here comes the bride…..and the groom, the in – laws and the wedding party.  Don’t shock the folks in the white, folding chairs. You want them to leave talking only about the splendor of your special day.  And when the blessed dress is in a fluffy heap upon the floor, scoop it up and bring it our way.  We can restore its beauty and help you pristinely pass it on to the little miss in your life. Guys, we’ve got your back too. Tuxedo rentals available.


Table Linens

From Bar Mitzvahs to just the plain ole bar, you need to soak up the stains and fast!  But when they’re stingy, it’s time to call in the professionals.  Don’t make it a memory you’d like to forget!