What exactly is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process in which clothes are put into a machine and immersed in a chemical.  It rotates the clothing, then extracts the fluid and dries the garment.


Although an infrequent occurrence, what causes broken buttons?

On the laundry side of our plant, clothes are pressed damp to achieve the starched feel.  The garment will be compressed between steel heads using high heat for up to 45 minutes.  The integrity of the button may be affected.


How is a laundered shirt pressed?

The garment is pressed damped allowing for the stiff feel from the the post processed laundering.  The starch is put into the water and absorbed by the clothing.  They are then pressed with 300 degree plus hot heads that dry the shirt on the press.


What significance is the label on my clothing?

A manufacturer is required to give a safe cleaning method for your garment.  Interestingly, not all clothing can be cleaned the way the label states.  If in question, ask our experts for advice at the front counter.


Are our chemicals safe?

As long as the garment is processed properly there is no known danger to the customer or staff that  is exposed on a daily basis.


Where does all of the processing take place?

All of the processing for our Main Street and Colony stores is done in the plant on Main Street.  The clothing at our Fannin Road location is done there.


Will all stains come out?

The simple answer is not always.  You can aid in stain removal by getting the garment to us as soon as possible.  The longer it is absorbed the more difficult it is to remove.  The fabric is also a factor in stain removal.

Synthetic material such as rayon and polyester tend to release chemicals easier.


Is the owner actually on site at the plant?

All three of our owners are very active and present in the care of your clothing.  We are available for any questions you may have.